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Inspired by r/k12sysadmin

r/k12sysadmin Subreddit

Mercury Workshop Members

  • CoolElectronics: Creating the SH1mmer payload
  • r58Playz: GUI script & misc development
  • vfrog: Infiltrating Lenovo headquarters to get shims, also adding a firmware-level keylogger
  • ULTRA BLUE: Testing & discovering how to disable root-fs verification
  • Sharp_Jack: Creating the wax automation tool
  • Unciaur: Testing
  • TheMemeSniper/Kaitlin: Testing
  • OlyB: Scraping more shims
  • CVFD: Scraping more shims
  • Rafflesia: Hosting & building shims
  • Catakang: Building shims
  • [REDACTED]: SH1mmer UI design
  • JimDude: Hosting alternative file mirror.
  • generic: Adding firmware-level IrwinCoin miner & getting audio to work
  • Bypassi: website design
  • aub: testing
  • Mark: Technical Understanding and Advisory into the ChromeOS ecosystem
  • Website Contributors

  • Darkn: Rehosting SH1mmer, Wax4Web, and all of the shims
  • hell0u: Converted many pages to astro and improved much of the code
  • Cortex: Changed URLs such as to
  • RegalAether: Fixed inaccuracies in pages such as Unpatch
  • DiffuseHyperion: Providing another mirror to the Downloader
  • Raina: Contributed to the Kiosk.txt
  • Kxtz: Providing another mirror to the Downloader
  • Bypassi: Providing DEDEDE pictures for pages such as Unpatch
  • verysillycat: Prividing multiple typo fixes and changes to the GitHub README